Monday, April 29, 2013


Good Morning. This charcoal drawing is 18"x24" coated with a mixture of clear and orange shellac.  It depicts a woman's face.  Her mood is meditative, absorbed in the inner place of peace.  Through meditation practice the cravings and aversions of the conditioned mind are released and and a glimpse of our innate fullness is tasted.  Roy

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BASQUIAT and CAT painting

Here is a very large painting of mine for you to see. I find that by studying the painting styles of other artists I can get under the surface of their paintings for a deeper understanding of their techniques and their point of view, so to speak. This painting depicts the artist Jean Michel Basquiat with his Siamese cat on his lap. It was painted in the style of Basquiat, inspired by a wonderful photo of Basquiat with his cat. You can view the photo clicking here. This bright, colorful, mixed media painting is on a large 47"x 60" sheet of paper. The paint I used is a high quality tempera paint with oil pastel accents. It is signed and dated.  I have listed it on Ebay, too.  Here is the link  Thanks for looking. Roy

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Good morning. Louis, the cat, finally allowed me to finish the painting!  Its 18"x24" high quality tempera paint on heavy paper.  It depicts some things that I love; the cloudy sky, the ocean, overripe bananas and my classical guitar that I rescued from a yard sale last summer.
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